Join us for the 20th Anniversary Commemoration and Concert Colorado Remembers 9/11

and Presenting the Mizel Institute 2021 Community Enrichment Award to Joe Ellis & the Denver Broncos

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September 1, 2021

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The Denver Post & Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL)


The Mizel Institute is privileged to honor Joe Ellis, President & CEO of the Denver Broncos, with the 2021 Community Enrichment Award. This year’s celebration will be in conjunction with Colorado Remembers 9/11 20th Anniversary Commemoration and Tribute Concert. We will also honor our courageous service men and women and frontline workers who truly exemplify the unity, resilience, and strength of our community.


Some of the most memorable plays Joe Ellis and the Denver Broncos have made are the ones off the field. Through Joe’s leadership and the Denver Broncos’ engagement, they have enriched the lives of so many through championing causes that impact youth development, health and wellness, civic engagement, and more.


The Colorado National Guard will lead the presentation of military honors to include a seven-gun salute, Taps, bell ceremony, and a military flyover. There will be a procession led by first responders, frontline workers, and the military, as well as memorial pipes and drums.


Together, we will celebrate the resilience of both our community and our country with an iconic band.

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